Suing Your Employer for Wrongful Termination

Suing your Employer for Wrongful Termination

The answer to suing your employer for wrongful termination depends usually on whether you were employed at will or for a definite term under some expressed or complied contract for employment. Most employment is at will, meaning that the employee can be terminated for any reason, or for no reason at all, with or without cause or notice. The employee can quit on that basis as well.

Aside from terminations that rob file of public policy, like discrimination or harassment, wrongful termination suits of active employees are dismissed, because there are NO damages. If you can be fired for any reason, and you are fired for any reason, If you sue… Well, then you have no damages.

What is a viable claim for wrongful termination. Well, it is a claim when you have contract for a set amount of time and you were fired in breach of that time of that contract, or it is your an employee sets up a step disciplinary procedure where you were promised that you would not be fired outside the full use of that process.

There are other facts which would support a viable wrongful termination claim. The important thing is to go over your case with good council and he or she will tell you whether in their opinion whiter you have a case to pursue.

One hint, if you have an offer letter from your employer, or an employee manual, or job reviews, look to them to see if they tried to establish an at will system at your job place. But even if they don’t, see a good lawyer, and even if it seems they are trying at-will through these documents, don’t believe that this is necessarily true. Also, before suing your employer for wrongful termination, see good council before determining you can sue for wrongful termination. This will save time, stress, and expensive legal-fees.

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